The Montreal In-Water Boat Show anchored at the Old Port of Montreal

The Montreal In-Water Boat Show anchored at the Old Port of Montreal

SCOOP - A new water sport launched in Quebec: the electric water go-kart​​


The Quebec Marine Association presents the fourth edition of the Montreal In-Water Boat Show that will be held from the 6th to 8th of September at the Old Port of Montreal. This major gathering, which attracts over 12,000 visitors per year, will be a unique opportunity to experience more than 100 boats of all kinds and to meet many nautical exhibitors. The show will also feature 10 large luxury yachts ranging from 40 to 60 feet and with a value of up to $ 3.5 million. All of this is set in the beautiful Old Port. Admission is free.

The first electric water go-kart

The Show visitors will discover a brand new product that has just arrived in Quebec: the Gliss-Speed, the first electric water go-kart! Handy, accessible to everyone, recreational, ecological, and silent... you will hear a lot more about this French innovation already available in France and overseas for 4 years.


Camping on water ... with a pontoon

Pontoon enthusiasts will discover a two-story model with a slide, to the delight of children, as well as a pontoon-bar. The market for this type of boat is - in Canada, sales increased 23% in 2012.  Pontoons also totaled 24% of sales of metal outboard boats. Why this interest? It is a family friendly boat. Being open air, many like the "sitting room on water" and “camping on water” feeling. Quebec is the second province, after Ontario, that sells the most pontoons (22.4% share of the market).


Economic impact of $ 8.9 billion

In 2012, 35% of Canadian adults (9.4 million people) participated in boating activities. Canadians own 4.3 million boats. The industry represents an economic impact of $8.9 billion and is responsible for 67,000 jobs. In addition to these benefits, the industry affects the Canadian economy in the tourism, fishing and outdoor recreation sectors. In Quebec, nearly 30% of the adult population practice boating. The province has 860,000 boats.


What: more than 100 boats on display offering a free demo ride (boats made in Quebec, electric boats, pontoons, fishing and water sport boats). Those interested to buy a boat can enjoy exceptional savings;


Date:                             September 6th to 8th


Time:                            Friday to Saturday: 10 to 6 pm - Sunday: 10 to 4 pm


Location:                     Old Port of Montreal, basin Jacques-Cartier and the park beside it.

Admission:                  FREE

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