Recreational Boating in Canada - Economic impact of $8.9 billion

Recreational Boating in Canada - Economic impact of $8.9 billion and over 9.4 million adults went boating last year


In Canada, recreational boating has a significant impact on the economy, according to a statistical abstract published in 2013 by the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association (NMMA) and conduct with data obtains by Statistics Canada and Transport Canada.


The abstract revealed that 35% of Canadian adults (9.4 million people) participated in boating activities. Canadians own 4.3 million boats. The industry represents an economic impact of $8.9 billion and is responsible for 67,000 jobs. The core industry is comparable in size to the Canadian radio and television broadcasting industry or the newspaper publishing industry.

In addition to these benefits, the industry affects the Canadian economy in the tourism, fishing and outdoor recreation sectors. For example, in 2010, recreational anglers spent $1.1 billion on boating equipment, another $254 million on fishing equipment, and a further $200 million on fishing supplies.

In Quebec, nearly 30% of the adult population practice boating. The province has 860,000 boats.

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