New this year: a whole pavilion devoted to marinas

New this year at the Show: a whole pavilion devoted to marinas, ports of call and clubs who will be present to inform boaters about the services they offer. The Show will also be the perfect opportunity to discover the  Marinas Classifications and Eco-Marina programs of theQuebec Marine Association (QMA).

The Marinas Classification Program: Quality Assurance for Boaters

Boaters with questions about the quality of a particular marina’s facilities and the ranges of services it provides can find their answers easily. All they have to do is simply look for the Quebec Marine Association (QMA)’s Golden Anchor Marinas Classification Program certification. Whether you are looking for a home port or a port of call, the program offers you a guide to 50 marinas across Quebec, each dedicated to providing services catered to your needs.


When traveling, most people consult a directory of hotel rankings, with each facility granted between zero and five stars. The Marinas Classification Program uses the same system with a zero to five “Golden Anchors” scale. The emblem is a mark of quality assurance designed to offer you a reliable, exhaustive portrait of the marina and what it has to offer. This precise and handy reference tool is based on 250 separate criteria evaluations ranging from the quality of maritime and land infrastructure, its sanitary facilities and the range of services and activities available.


The QMA is dedicated to objectivity. To this end, it has assigned marina evaluation duties to the Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ). The corporation already manages similar programs across a wide range of industries, from tourist lodging to golf courses, for the government of Quebec.


For an eco-friendly boating experience, look for the Eco-Marina certification

Quebec is home to almost half a million lakes and thousands of rivers. It contains nearly 3% of all the fresh water on the planet. However, our water-based network is facing many problems and challenges, such as climate change, pollution, trucking, riverbank erosion and much more. It is therefore, essential that we protect our blue treasure. If you are looking for ways to be a more eco-friendly boater, make sure your home port is a certified Eco-




Eco-marina certification involves 200 criteria of evaluation

The Quebec Marine Association’s Eco-Marinas program was created in order to respond to the pressing need to preserve the quality of our water resources. Its 200 criteria evaluate individual marinas’ environmental management at all levels of operations, such as:

  • Quay upkeep
  • Hazardous residual matter collection, storing and elimination (e.g. petroleum products, solvents, anti-fouling paint, waxes and cleaning products)
  • Recycling of products (e.g. oils, anti-freeze and shrink wrap)
  • Boat storage
  • Use of EcoLogo-approved cleaning products and disinfectants


Marinas that take part in the program are also committed to urging boaters to adopt eco-friendly behavior.


There are currently more than 40 establishments that have been certified as Eco-marinas across the province. They have all been evaluated by the Corporation de l’industrie touristique du Québec under its 1-to-5 Eco Drops scale as a means of determining the level of water purity and marine flora health.

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