Swift Trawler 30 at Boisvert Marine

Last born of the great travelers of Bénéteau, the Swift Trawler 30 reaffirms loudly the pedigree of a range which meets, since its creation in 2003, a success without false note. Designed for the high seas, the Swift Trawler 30 accomplishes the feat of offering on a unit of less than 10 meters all that contributes to make the maritime voyage reassuring and relaxed. Very stable, ultra comfortable and autonomous up to 200 miles, it combines style and marine qualities with great accuracy.

Equipped with a semi-planing hull having proven itself on the latest Swift Trawler 34 and 44, the youngest in the range has a particularly balanced line that contributes largely to its seductive potential. The Swift Trawler 30 also offers a very convincing energetic performance, with a number of improvements that make life on board both fluid and reassuring.
Resolutely offshore, the Swift Trawler 30 is equipped with ubiquitous handrails, high balconies and a wide, well-protected starboard gangway that maximizes safety on board. Unique on this type of boat, the fully glazed wheelhouse offers exceptional 360 ° circular vision at

cockpit while bathing the interior of light. With a range of up to 200 miles at cruising speed of 15 knots, water tanks with a capacity of 300 liters, the Swift Trawler 30 is ready to venture on all seas, even the most remote.