Great Speakers to be Present at the Show


In order to support Quebec Navigators, Explorers and Sailors, the Quebec Marine Association proudly presents this great programming. 


Meteorology and boating go hand in hand.  A pleasure boater well informed of weather conditions and forecasts on the water is much better informed to make safety and security decisions.  A contributing factor for a large majority of boating accidents is the weather.  Waves and strong winds are often cited as factors.

Marine forecasts become even more useful when pleasure boaters acquire basic meteorological knowledge.  This allows them to apply this knowledge on the water using all the marine information available.   

Friday: 19h (EN)
Saturday: 13h30 (FR)



Guy Lavoie and Claire Roberge - The Northwest passage from Gaspé until the Alaska boarders


Come live with Claire Roberge and Guy Lavoie, a great expedition on the sailboat Balthazar for a journey of 7000 kilometers by water, starting from Gaspé to the borders of Alaska, through the icy Arctic Ocean and the mythical NORTHWEST PASSAGE.
Meet Greenland Halibut fishermen and Inuit youth of Cambridge Bay and discover a landscape of glaciers and wilderness that vibrates to the sound of throat singing.
For a larger than life human adventure in the footsteps of "the great explorers'', climb aboard the second Quebec sailboat and the 70th in the world to cross the legendary Northwest Passage.
Saturday: 15p.m
Sunday: 3:30 p.m
Luc Bernuy - Heading south with its boat in five steps. 

Are you dreaming to head south by boat? 

Come listen Luc Bernuy during the Montreal Boat Show. He will give you his tricks to get there through five steps.

Our speaker illustrated his conference with hundreds of images that will make you visit the US east coast and the most beautiful islands of the Bahamas.

As a bonus, its beautiful travel album (70 pages, glossy paper) will be given to each person present.

Luc Bernuy will also be present at its stand during the four days of the show to answer questions and to present its popular guideL’Intracostal, le guide, (3rd Edition)

Saturday, February 6 at 16:45
Sunday, February 7 at 15:15

PATRICK CAMPEAU - The fishing expert


This champion crowned three times, is also an experienced trainer and lecturer. He was inducted in 2014 to the Canadian Angler Hall of fame.
During this conference, M. Campeau will share tips, tricks and knowledge on all fishing gear. M. Campeau will make interactive presentations and demystify some aspects that might help you get better results when fishing.
Prizes will be given to people who will answer correctly to his questions.
Good fishing
Saturday: 12 am
SÉBASTIEN LAPIERRE - The Northwest passage bu kayak


Relive the 3000 km traveled by kayak in the Arctic Ocean through photos, short videos and excerpts from logbook. Learn how they managed to push their limits in order to be the first kayak to have crossed such a long distance in this particularly cold year with much more ice than in previous years. Learn also about all logistical requirements of such an adventure, as they were the world's first (and only to date) to record this achievement.

Saturday, February 6, 2016 - 6pm
Sunday, February 7, 2016 - 12am